What's Next - Our Roadmap

After recently reaching a number of significant development milestones with the latest generation of the Shepherd Engine, we are looking to take this amazing new concept to the next milestone on its road to changing the landscape of the combustion engine industry.

Shepherd Engine Roadmap

Our pathway to success includes:

  1. Formal Performance Testing & Verification - Prototype currently under assembly: Q4, 2009
  2. This unit will be the reference point for a full suite of laboratory testing scenarios.

  3. Initial Field Trials - Different Vehicle and Power Source Applications: Q1, 2010
  4. A number of early access engines will be built utilising a number of power, size and transmission configuration options.

  5. Commercial Licensing Initiatives - Commercialisation Discussions: Q1, 2011
  6. We will begin to approach potential licensing and manufacturing clients.