Corporate Assistance Is Needed

Shepherd Engine welcomes the support of other NZ based organisations towards achieving our goal of commercialising a next generation internal combustion engine.

The Shepherd Engine has a number of compelling operational characteristics including its energy transfer mechanisms, emission levels, and overall simplicity. These factors amongst others will have a significant impact on the cost, efficiency and environmental impact engines of the future will be expected to provide.

It is hoped that New Zealand corporate sponsors can be found to assist us to bring this wonderful invention to market. This engine will make a difference to both the local NZ economy and the world in general. We are proud to be called a New Zealand company and will always maintain Head Office, Research, Development and Manufacturing functions in New Zealand.

Carefully thought out ownership structures have been put in place to ensure that international expansion and partnerships opportunities will not result in the loss of control, governance and ethical practices to overseas interests. As such we look forward to establishing a strong and vibrant domestic supplier network that is able to service the demand we know this engine will generate.

Commercial supporters will be rewarded. Organisations able to participate in manufacturing, logistical and marketing activities will be given preferred supplier status as a result of their funding and sponsorship involvement. We will work pro-actively with these companies to establish a viable domestic supply chain solution servicing local and international customer demand.

It is our hope that through this engine we can form the foundations around a new NZ domiciled international manufacturing sector that is both cost competitive, environmentally sustainable and that exhibits innovative technical leadership.