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While developing the Shepherd Engine we have been thankful for the assistance and support of many great people and organisations - not all of whom were Sponsors or Partners, but nonetheless have been critical to our success as supports.

To develop and release an industry changing engine we need every great mind to support us.

If you feel you have something to contribute, perhaps a great idea for an application for the Shepherd Engine or a marketing concept, please talk with us in the following supporters channels:

Supporters Channels

  • Interest Group - Join the Official Shepherd Engine Interest Group.
  • Twitter - Join the conversation at
  • Channel - Description.

To help you support us, we have prepared some resources for you. Choose the right ones for your level of support.

Supporters Resources

Supporters Web Badge 1

Image descriptionPut this on your web page!

Of course, supporting us withing our simple guidelines below is as easy as using your imagination. For example, if you are a king of twittering, you may feel like occassionally tweeting about us. ;-)

Supporters Guidelines

Please observe and practice the follow guidelines while supporting us.

  • Guideline 1
  • Guideline 2
  • Guideline 3

Support and Benefit Today!

We are finalising our Supporters Club Benefits package, and will post it here soon with a form to join our Supporters Club and benefit as we grow!